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    6.1. Departure access
    6.2. Stage arrival
    6.3. Markup

    7.1. Process
    7.2. Let's give up
    7.3. Material
    7.4. Penalties

    8.1. ​Baggage
    8.2. MTB park
    8.3. Restoration
    8.4. ATV repair and maintenance

    8.5. Bivouac
    8.6. Assistance
    8.7. Shuttle
    8.8. Security






The Ultra Raid des 3 Vallées MTB Raid is organized by the ASBL Ultra Raid des 3 Vallées - rue de la gare 23, 5522 Falaen - Belgium. This is a physically and technically involved stage raid.



The ultra raid is run individually and is timed.



The raid is open to everyone, licensed and non-licensed. You are required to provide a medical certificate stating that there is no contraindication to the sport in competition, given that the event is timed. The latter must be validated at most by the day of departure. The discovery raid is accessible from 16 years old. Ultra is prohibited for unaccompanied minors under 16 years old. The raid is accessible to electric mountain bikes.



Registration for the events is done exclusively on the website; with an associated online payment or by transfer. Prices are available on the raid website and on the For safety reasons, the organization limits the number of competitors in hiking raids. For logistical reasons, the number of accompanying persons/assistants cannot exceed 1 per runner. Any commitment is personal, firm and definitive. No transfer of registration is permitted for any reason. Any person returning their bib to a third party will be held responsible in the event of an accident occurring or caused by the latter during the event. The organization declines all responsibility in the event of an accident.



Bibs will be collected on Friday during the time slot provided for this purpose. Times and locations are communicated on the raid website, the Facebook page and in the official program. Anyone who does not show up during this time slot will be considered non-participant. The racing plate is to be placed on the handlebars of the bike. An identification bracelet will be distributed to each participant and assistant. It must be worn at all times on the wrist upon receipt of the bib.



6.1. Access to the start Access to the starting line before each stage must be done in accordance with the times communicated during the briefings. Competitors must check-in under the starting arch to be electronically marked as a starter. Any absence of registration will result in the hiker being disqualified from the race (removal of the frame plate, bracelet, failure to track luggage, etc.)

6.2. Stage arrival
Competitors must pass through the finish line to be electronically marked as having arrived. Any absence of registration could trigger searches with the emergency services. These unjustified costs will be fully charged to the hiker.

6.3 ​Marking and routes
The route is marked by us, supplemented by arrows in the name of the Ultra Raid des 3 Vallées in yellow and black.
The organization provides a road book indicating supplies and check points. The traces are available for download on the raid website. GPS is not obligatory but recommended. Given the length and complexity of the stages over more than 240 km of raid, certain crossroads and path crossings will not be secure or equipped with marshals. It is therefore imperative to respect the highway code. We remind you that the entire route is open to traffic and other modes of travel. The route may be modified at any time if the organization judges that certain conditions interfere with the initial route. For example, after severe bad weather leading to a landslide, African swine fever…. Any modification will be reported on the website or during a briefing if it occurs during the race. Competitors must only use the tarmac roads to reach the finish or connect to the day's stage if they are authorized by the organization and indicated in the road book. Any failure will be considered as abandonment and exclusion will be immediate. Only organization vehicles, emergency services, press and race motorcycles are authorized to ride on the course. The assistance areas are accessible to vehicles and only the areas indicated on the assistants road book will be tolerated for third party traffic.

Respect for the environment It is strictly forbidden to leave waste on the route. Trash cans are available at the aid stations, arrival area and bivouac area. It is also prohibited to deviate from the marked route by cutting through fields and other natural areas. The raid uses sensitive natural sites subject to authorization of passage. The sustainability of the raid depends on your behavior.



7.1. Process
The organization indicates timetables beyond which any hiker arriving at this barrier will have to take an alternative, faster route to reach the finish. The use of electrically assisted mountain bikes is possible but must be indicated during registration.

7.2. Let's give up
A race check point at the start and finish of a stage allows you to report any abandonment before a start or after a finish for the next day = CHECK IN / CHECK OUT
In the event of abandonment, excluding medical evacuation during a stage, it is imperative to report your abandonment upon arrival. In all cases you must come and report your temporary or definitive abandonment at the finish line. -
Provisional: you can start again on the next day’s stage. To skip a step you must report it and organize your transfer on your own. The organization will do its best to transfer you but cannot be held responsible if this is not possible.
- Permanent: You leave the race and the organization is no longer responsible for managing your personal effects and your return to your vehicle. It is strictly forbidden to leave the race without having reported this fact at the check out at the finish line of the day's stage.
Failure to comply with this point of regulation will result in a fixed charge of €100 per person and the organization may take legal action for having initiated research due to your negligence. The State can also take legal action against you directly.

7.3. Mandatory equipment

  • Individual

    • Tent if you sleep in bivouac

    • helmet,

    • blanket,

    • warm clothing (1 fleece, 1 breathable waterproof jacket, 1 long tights, 1 hat, 1 pair of long gloves).

  • For the night stage:

    • a fluorescent yellow vest,

    • 1 front light and 1 rear light.

    • 1 GPS recommended but not obligatory

    • 1 cell phone,,

    • 1 repair kit,

    • 1 first aid kit with the following items:



    • 1 American dressing

    • 1 self-gripping strip 5 compresses

    • 1Disinfectant

    • 1 Eye drops

    • 1 Plaster

    • 1 Analgesic left to the discretion of the runner and his attending physician

    • 1 Antihistamine

You will be told at each briefing whether you can dispense with certain materials. All competitors must wear the equipment provided by the organization: mountain bike plate, bracelets, timing device and/or live tracking. Competitors are semi-autonomous on each stage. 2 to 6 refreshments are planned per section.​


7.4. Penalties

Progression outside the obligatory route will result in immediate disqualification from the race. A team of mobile controllers will be able to immediately disqualify offending competitors.

7.5 Support

The assistants have a road book or a map provided by the organization, allowing them to know all the passages authorized for the assistants.



​8.1. Luggage

Unlike the first edition, the bivouac is on the same place during the three days. You can therefore leave your luggage in your tents or your cars. Be careful not to leave valuable items in plain sight.

8.2. MTB park

The organization will provide a mountain bike park at each stage. Access to the park is strictly reserved for Raid VTT competitors. A lock is required to leave your mountain bike in the park. Only competitors equipped with the tamper-proof bracelet provided by the organization – with a specific bar code – and corresponding to the bar code of the frame plate, will be able to enter with their mountain bikes. They will have to sign in and out of the park. The organization will strictly adhere to these instructions. All entry and exit is final. Repair or maintenance in the mountain bike park is strictly prohibited. The opening and closing times of the park are communicated in the official raid program.

8.3 Restoration

2 to 6 supplies per day will be available depending on the difficulty of the stage. There are no lunches on the stages. The refreshments are suitable for mountain biking on long stages. Lunches and evening meals are provided by a caterer. The start and end times of service are communicated on the official raid program. Meals during your stay on the raid: Friday evening, Saturday evening, Sunday lunch

Breakfast during your stay on the raid: Saturday morning, Sunday morning

8.4 ATV repair and maintenance

A mountain bike wash is available at each stage finish. Mechanical assistance is provided by a partner. There you will find spare parts if necessary, and mechanical services for the repair or adjustment of your bike. Prices are available directly from the mechanical stand. This assistance is limited to so-called standard parts and needs. In the event of unavailability of a component necessary for the repair of your mountain bike, the partner may, within the limits of its capabilities, offer you a mountain bike rental to complete the raid.

8.5 Bivouac

By bivouac we mean the provision of a location in a campsite or on land suitable for a tent only. Vehicles, caravans, campers are not included in the fixed amount of the Raid VTT. If your assistants wish to reside in the campsite with these vehicles, you must book in advance with the campsite manager and pay for this service. Sanitary facilities and showers will of course be available at the bivouacs. Pitches for camper vans may be recommended by the organization outside our bivouac areas.​

8.6 Assistant/Accompanying person

By assistant we mean any person who accompanies a runner during the 3 days of the raid. This will be declared upon registration. The price for the 3 days is specified on the raid website. He must always wear the bracelet which will be provided in the runner's bib pack. This bracelet will give the assistant access to the bivouac area, all meals and breakfast during the raid and to refreshments. Access to the mountain bike park will be strictly prohibited. Any unregistered assistant will not be able to access the raid services. No on-site registration will be possible and access to the bivouac will have to be paid directly to the manager. He can nevertheless access the assistance areas for runners. The “assistants” formula is therefore just obligatory for assistants who want to benefit from the meal and campsite rates negotiated by the organization.

8.7 Shuttle

The organization does not offer a shuttle service because the starting and finishing points of the raid are in the same place.

8.8 Security

The organization has an emergency system validated by the municipality. In the event of a problem, it is imperative to notify the organization as quickly as possible via the telephone number which will be communicated to you, or to contact a member of the staff who has a radio, or to dial 112 directly from your mobile, when emergency requires it. On medical advice, the organization reserves the right to disqualify and evacuate from the course any person it deems unfit to continue the event. Any participant calling on a doctor or first aider submits to his authority and undertakes to fully accept his decisions. If necessary, and in the interest of the person rescued, rescue teams are called upon who, from then on, take charge of operations and implement all appropriate means, including helicopters. Any person who has undergone a medical or surgical procedure during the month preceding departure must inform the organization by mail. In the absence of this declaration, the organization cannot be held responsible in the event of a major incident.



Cancellation insurance available upon registration. 2021 Edition: possible 100% refund in the event of Covid-19 cancellation, except bank charges. 

In case of Covid cancellation: 

-Reimbursement of the registration fee up to 100% excluding bank charges

-Reimbursement of chosen paid options up to 100% excluding bank charges

No cancellation accepted without cancellation insurance except in cases of force majeure decreed by the organizers. In the event of cancellation of the event due to a pandemic, the organizers have the right to offer several alternative solutions.


If you subscribed to cancellation insurance when registering, you have accepted the general conditions of ULTRA RAID DES 3 VALLEES BELGIUM. 

In what case can I be reimbursed via my cancellation insurance? 

-All risks are covered thanks to your cancellation insurance, however a reason must be presented as justification for the cancellation request.  

-Any cancellation request can be made a maximum of 10 days before the start of the event.

-Proof of the reason for requesting cancellation must be provided to the organization.

How to use this insurance?

-Send an email to the following address:

-In the subject of the email “CANCELLATION INSURANCE + your registration number” 

We will then contact you again to arrange reimbursement. 



By participating in the raid, competitors authorize the organizer and its beneficiaries to use and reproduce their name, image and voice as part of the raid, for use on communication and promotional media. And this throughout the world and by all means known to date.  You have the right to access and rectify personal data concerning you. Through us, you may receive proposals from other companies or associations. If you do not wish this, simply write to us giving us your first and last names and addresses. Registration for the raid requires the competitor to receive electronic newsletters concerning elements and content related to the race for which he is registered. In accordance with the new provisions relating to respect for private life, people who do not wish to appear on the official results or on the registration lists must inform us in writing.


Any request can be sent by email to info@ultra-raid-des-3-vallees.comOr by post to ASBL Ultra Raid des 3 Vallées - rue de la gare 23, 5522 Falaen. During the event, the contact person is the race director. Any complaint received 1 month after the end date of the raid will be considered null and void. By checking the box on the registration form you automatically sign and accept the rules of the event.

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